Financial Planning

“Having bought a house three years ago, I needed a professional to help me plan out my insurance, investments, and savings, so I would be able to manage my home loan repayment and also achieve my other goals in life. Having a great career, as well as having the ability to enjoy traveling is important to me.

By understanding my life goals and needs, Brenda has been able to develop a comprehensive plan for me. She has helped me to understand the different types of investments as well as the important types of assets classes and savings in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Brenda has also helped me to function better as a daughter in my financial obligations towards my loved ones. Brenda and I work together closely to make sure I’m better equipped to provide for myself and my family, while also increasing my cash flow.”

Anitha T, Young Working Adult


“It’s my first time joining Brenda & Victor’s session. The session was great – they guide you step-by-step what you should do next to maximise your income. They teach you lots of things that cannot be found in google, or YouTube. What they share is based on their experience and knowledge. This is good.”

Mark, Young Working Adult

“I came from a poor background and was not taught anything about finances as I grew up. Coming from a financially difficult background, I could not imagine having any finances beyond just making ends meet. For a long time, having extra money to save, invest, and give was beyond my imagination. Eventually, I finally managed to pay off my debts, through a lot of hard work.

When I met Brenda, she helped me further improve my perspective towards finances. I was already making progress in having some savings and insurance, as well as some investments, but she helped me understanding how I could further split up my nest egg and look into other forms of investments.

She also gave me invaluable advice when it came to how to prioritize my family’s welfare (from parents’ retirement, to children’s education, to continuous income in the case I am no longer around). This has helped me further change and improve the way I manage money. Had I learnt these things at a younger age, my story growing up could have looked very different. Nonetheless, I’m thankful to have Brenda as my advisor today and look forward to further improving my financial standing and being able to provide a better childhood for my children than the one I had.”

Jason L, Father and Entrepreneur

“I am currently a self-employed music teacher, with one young son in preschool. Since my divorce, I’ve been raising my son on my own.

One of the reasons for my divorce was financial disagreements. I’ve always been financially independent from my ex – in fact, I had to help him financially more than once. Today, as a self-employed single parent, I have to plan for my son’s future and myself.

Brenda has devised a financial plan for me to be able to save up with potentially better returns for my savings and retirement plans. The beauty about such a plan is the flexibility to invest more and yet be able to enjoy the lifestyle that I would like to have. This gives me peace of mind knowing that my future is well-planned for.

Not only has Brenda given me sound financial advice, she has been a friend to me as well, being there emotionally for me before and during my divorce. Following the divorce, she helped me start looking into financial independence for myself.

As a woman, Brenda understands of the trials and challenges that women of today face. With her help, I feel at ease knowing that my son is taken care of – not just financially, in case anything untoward happens to me, but that he surrounded by a loving community as well. As a friend, Brenda loves my son and is always spoiling him with gifts!”

Pam H, Self-Employed, Single Parent

“Brenda Yong and her team have been my financial advisors for the past couple of years since I stepped into the work force. They have always offered sound financial advice based on my investment objectives as well as my personal needs.

Brenda keeps in regular contact with me and provides me with ongoing advice as my financial goals changes throughout the years. They also take the time to fully explain all the options and guide me in an appropriate direction. I feel as though they truly care about my family, my finances, and my future, and like Brenda is more than a financial adviser, but also a friend – one I can laugh with and enjoy meals together with.”

Jacky M, Young Working Adult

“Brenda is an understanding financial adviser who helps you see what you are lacking in your financial portfolio. For me, this was important as I have five children from two different families, and Brenda has helped me ensure that I can provide and care for the needs of my family financially. She analysed my income and expenditure, and advised me on how I could generate additional income, while planning for my family’s security in the long-term.

She emphasizes a lot on personal coverage and protection, and told me that the existing life insurance coverage I had was too weak. I definitely appreciate her help and advice.”

Junji K, Executive Director at an automotive manufacturing company

“Brenda is a very good financial planner and one of the best in the industry. Her breadth of knowledge is top notch and she knows how to advise her clients in various areas, including offshore savings and investments, which only a minority of financial planners know. Some of the knowledge that she shares is rather obscure that I may not have heard before but has saved and will be saving me a lot of money, besides making me wealthier through various investment vehicles, in the long run.”

Kingsley Y

“What Successful Women Do with Their Money is a truly purposeful and enlightening book. I was most excited and managed to finish the book, amidst my busy schedule, after just three nights of bedtime reading. I have not read a book in ages but Brenda’s is such a simple read, without technical jargon. I found it very informative and relevant to me as a woman.

At such a youthful age, Brenda already has a long string of credentials under her belt. She is not only a capable lady, but also passionate and enthusiastic to impart and share her knowledge with others, while helping the less fortunate at the same time.”

Yvonne T, Reader of What Successful Women Do with Their Money

“Brenda is really a cut above all other Financial Advisors I have come across in the past. She revealed my financial leakages totalling hundreds of thousands of ringgit over the years, which I was not aware of, and immediately designed a plan to plug those leakages for good! I could only wish I had done this earlier as it would have saved me a lot of heartache.

Brenda not only planned my finances for me to get maximum benefits in multiple ways, but also maximised the value in the areas of my personal life that are affected by my finances – such as my relationships with my family, my career growth, and general well-being.

Her well-rounded approach and deep passion for this subject combined with her huge network of experienced professionals within the finance industry in Malaysia and around the world also set her apart from other financial advisors I’ve hired in the past.

I would HIGHLY recommend Brenda as your financial advisor if you would like to multiply your wealth significantly and protect it to the maximum, using her amazing methods that you likely will not have encountered before.”

Sen Ze, Founder and Chief at Passive Income Mastermind

Wealth Of Life

“At the time I heard about Wealth of Life, I was at the final stage of my PhD, and I found myself asking, “What is my life purpose after I complete my PhD?” I wanted to find fulfilment and figure out how to spread my knowledge to the next generation. It was at just the right time that I found out about Wealth of Life, which I thought would be useful in helping me map out my life purpose. Clearly, this program has achieved that. Now I have the right structure and techniques to help me achieve fulfilment in life.”

Kok Bing, Wealth of Life participant

“While on the course, I reflected on my past and dug up memories of all the events in my life that made an impact on who I am today. I learnt to let go of these negative events and move on. I also learnt to start pioneering my future instead of just sitting back and worrying about it. The course challenged me to instead take action and start making a plan for my future.

I also learnt how to find where my passion lies and how to discover the potential that I have, as well as how to reorganize my priorities in life and what is truly important to me, including my own definition of what it means to be truly wealthy in life.”

Zoe, Wealth of Life Women’s Series participant

“Wealth of Life Women is a very unique approach towards empowering women. As a personal development trainer myself, I would say that what I learnt the most from this series is the financial aspect of it. I used to be totally lost when it came to finances, but through this course, I’ve learnt a lot more new things.

I also enjoyed the purpose-driven part of it. For a long time, I was unsure of what my purpose was. For someone who multitasks a lot like me, it’s hard to focus. The exercises on the course really made me focus and discover not only what I’m passionate about, but also what I’m good at.”

Rosie, Wealth of Life Women’s Series participant

“I really learnt a lot from Brenda. She has a very clear cut way of helping individuals to go for what they dream for in life. With good proper guidance, we can achieve the things they want in life. The main thing I took away from this course is Brenda’s concept of ‘abundance’, and finding meaning from learning to share what we have with others.

Wealth of Life made me realize that money is not everything in life. The trainers on this course are brilliant, and some of the best teachers I have come across in the 65 years of my life.”

SP Chew, Wealth of Life participant

“I learned a lot of things on this course – such as gaining a better understanding of who I am, and how to set goals that will help me achieve what I want in life.”

Jin, Wealth of Life Women’s Series participant

Career Direct

“After graduating from University, I went into a career based on my degree. I felt that something was missing from my job. After doing career direct, I’ve found out my passion was in something else, I decided to pursue it and never regret ever since.”

Tammy, Career Testimonial

“I’m glad I discovered about Career Direct in the early stages of my Career. Through Career Direct I’ve managed to find out about my strengths, weaknesses, personality and much more which allowed me to discover the most suitability pathway for my career.”

Ryan, Career Direct Testimonial

“Changing my career after career direct was the best decision in my life.”

Joanne, Career Testimonial
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